About Us

About Us


My name is Sara and I decided to create this site to share my preferred exercises to get your face looking younger!

One day, back in 2008, I was reading a magazine and an article drew my attention: ensuring you look younger without the need to do any “intervention”.

How to achieve that? Simple: our face has many muscles so, if we exercise our body to get fit and younger, why not do the same to the face?!?

Naturally, plastic surgeons will always say “it does not work”… but why would the face muscles be different than ones in our body?!? Yes, some things require interventions (e.g. extensive lesions, burns,…) but you would be amazed with what can be achieved by following some routines and getting those muscles exercised!

Having read many books, watched many videos and done multiple courses, I decided I had enough information and experience that others could benefit from. And thus ForgingFaces was born!

Now, let’s forge that face!


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